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Electricity is one of the forms of energy that people use. Previously, electricity was generated from heat energy sources such as fossil fuels, heat, motion, or nuclear power. But more recently, a movement to reduce CO2 has become influential as a remedy for global warming. Momentum has developed in the use of renewable energy sources that are kind to the environment such as sunlight, wind power, geothermal energy, solar heat, and biomass. It is important to increase the efficiency of batteries such as solar cells and fuel cells. In the future, it will also be very important to improve the function of all kinds of devices that use electricity such as electric vehicles, smart phones, mobile phones, and personal computers. In order to bring about a smart-grid society, improving the performance of storage batteries that store electricity, such as rechargeable batteries, is considered very important.  


One determinant of the function of the electrochemical properties of these various types of batteries is the material and composition of electrodes, electrolytes, and solid electrolytes. The function of the battery depends largely on the function of these materials. All of these materials are synthesized and manufactured within our company, right up to completing the battery. It is normal for the material manufacturer and the battery manufacturer to be separate, but our company does research and development from the materials for the electrodes and electrolytes, through to the synthesis and manufacture, giving us the advantage of controlling everything within our company. We synthesize state-of-the-art materials, do trial manufacturing and analysis within the company, and then go on to mass production. In the course of research and development of state-of-the-art batteries, it is often unclear which batteries are practical to make, and there are many disappointing cases when after spending time and money ideas cannot be actualized, but we apply the maximum efficiency possible and optimize many types of battery. Keeping in mind research and development of state-of-the-art batteries, we reach for the next level of the next generation of batteries, and in this sense take on the name "Next Dimension".

Below we describe the different types of rechargeable batteries (storage batteries), fuel cells, and solar cells that our company is researching and developing.

Our Dimensions

Our Dimensions 2020

Dimension 1


lithium ion batteries

Dimension 4




Dimension 7

Zinc–air rechargeable battery

Dimension 10

Perovskite and quantum dot solar cells

Dimension 2


Electrode derived from

a metal-organic framework (MOF) using

a lithium ion battery

Dimension 5

Lithium-excess-type positive electrode

Dimension 8

Solid oxide fuel cell

( SOFC )

Dimension 11

Coming Soon

Dimension 3



electrode material

used by lithium

ion batteries

Dimension 6


Aluminum ion batteries and aluminum–air batteries

Dimension 9



Dimension 12

Coming Soon

We also synthesize various electrodes and solid electrolyte material for lithium ion batteries and solid oxide fuel cell.  Please let us know your interest.

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